Personalized Dazzle Cakesicles

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Cake Pops taken to the next level. Delicious cake crumbled up in a buttercream icing. Tell us how we can Dazzle yours today. Please let us know if you would like White Cake, Yellow Cake, Strawberry, Chocolate, Or Funfetti. If no request is made they will come in White or Yellow. 

We will work with you to figure out what would be best for your order. We want to make sure that we dazzle you. Feel free to message us Via FB, IG, Email us, or text (614) 599-7107. 

Simple Theme - Simple Design with small added fondant/chocolate of letters, numbers, flowers, butterflies, unicorn horns, baseballs, snowflakes, etc. This great for messages in letters. Splashes of Gold and glitter. And definitely flowers. 

Elaborate Theme - Letters, Flowers, and Colors. This is the extra pop you are looking for. All over gold, frames, or a few pieces on one item. Also simple character designs

Ultimate Dazzle- Bring on the show stoppers. Add Edible Images, Frames, Flowers, messages, detailed character work. You name it. 

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