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Dazzle Gift Set (With Apple)

Dazzle Gift Set (With Apple)

Dazzle Gift Set (With Apple)

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Beautiful Chocolate Apple Dazzled to perfection with addition treats to enjoy . Choose a Simple Design or something more elaborate. These Gift Boxes will Dazzle anyone's day. 

Simple Theme - Simple Design with small added fondant/chocolate of letters, numbers, flowers, butterflies, unicorn horns, baseballs, snowflakes, etc. This great for messages in letters. Splashes of Gold and glitter. And definitely flowers. 

Elaborate Theme - Letters, Flowers, and Colors. This is the extra pop you are looking for. All over gold, frames, or a few pieces on one item. Also simple character designs

Ultimate Dazzle- Bring on the show stoppers. Add up to 2 images per treat. Frames, Flowers, messages, detailed character work. You name it. 

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