Kreative Mash Up 8oz Jars

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Time to combine your favorite flavors in one delicious cheesecake jar. 


The Teda Boo (Strawberry Banana Cream) - Cheesecake Filling topped with strawberries and our strawberry and cream crumbles, then banana cream and bananas with our wafer crumbles. Layered a few times so you have strawberries and bananas in every bite. 

The Lola (Cookies & Strawberries) - Cookies & Cream cheesecake and crumbles and chocolate sauce then plain cheesecake filling topped with strawberries and strawberries & cream crumbles. Layered a few times so you have cookies chocolate and strawberries in every bite. 

The Kre Kre (Apples & Peaches) - Apples, Peaches, brown sugar crumble and caramel in every bite. Layered in for a delicious bite of all your favorites. 

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